Judge Deborah Thomas for Michigan Supreme Court Justice

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Judge Thomas has been passionate about the working class her entire life, and remains active in ensuring that citizens in all communities statewide are educated on the fact that fair and equal justice for all is priority for Michigan’s future.

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A Civil Rights Hero

It is my understanding that our brother, Bruce Feaster, made his transition this morning, 11/10/2016.  Brother Feaster fought for equality, justice, voting rights, and liberty for our community.  He gave his time, energy, and wisdom in an effort to improve the lives of the citizens of the city, county and state. Bruce Feaster gave until it hurt and ultimately he gave the greatest sacrifice of them all so we may have a better quality of life. Our brother, Bruce Feaster, gave not for money, not for fame, he gave because he understood that freedom is not free and the battle for liberty is without end.  I salute Brother Bruce Feaster! He truly is a civil rights hero.  He will be surely missed.


Judge Deborah A. Thomas

Wayne County Circuit Court




Judge Deborah Thomas is a “qualified jurist“ according to Secretary Clinton’s Supreme Court requirements:

Question:…What would you prioritize... as the most important aspect of selecting a Supreme Court justice?

 …”[I] want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real life experience. Who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but maybe they tried more cases. Actually understand what people are up against.”

           -Secretary Hillary Clinton, Presidential Debate 10/09/16


¨ Believes in educational opportunities for all children
¨ Fights to stop human trafficking
¨ Stands for juvenile justice and rehabilitation
¨ Chairwoman of the Veterans Treatment Court Committee
¨ Establishing & Supervising Judge, Wayne County Veterans Treatment Docket
¨ Supervising Judge, Wayne County Restorative Justice Program
¨ Believes that specialty courts should include mental health and substance abuse treatments


 Judge Deborah A. Thomas is the 2016 recipient of:

The Vanzetti M. Hamilton Bar Association's

Frederick Douglass Racial Justice and Harmony Award!





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